The Best Ways To Cook Healthy Food

Having a healthy lifestyle concerns all your eating habits. It’s not enough to adapt a certain diet, and workout a lot. Actually, it’s equally important to cook your food the right way. Studies have found that the main ingredient to a successful healthy food habits has a lot to do with cooking. Without further ado, here are 4 ways to cook healthy food in order to complete your healthy lifestyle.


This is by far the easiest and most efficient way of cooking used worldwide. It basically consists of letting steam coming from ”the environment” do the cooking. You can just put your food in a bowl or a pan, then cover it with parchment wrapper or foil.

You can also add some water to facilitate the evaporation process, and steam in less time. This cooking method works best for veggies, fillets and even shellfish.


As the name indicates, it includes a frying pan. The essence of stir-frying is to use high heat and cook fast. The only inconvenient, is that it requires detailed attention, and you must make sure that your food is well-chopped. Use a sprint of olive oil to the frying pan, and make sure to keep staring until cooked. If you are adding some meat, then start with cutting it into small portions, and put it first. Quick tip: veggies usually cook faster than meat, so don’t put them in one pan.


As simple as using direct heat to slow cook your meals. Because the heat is constant, all you really need to do is move the food closer to or farther from the flame depending on how you like your food cooked. It works best for meat and veggies that take longer to cook. For example, Salmon, chicken, Cornish game hen, and bell pepper. Typical for barbecues.

Pressure Cooking

Finally, this is one of the most used modern ways to cook healthy food. It allows you to cook food faster, so they keep all their beneficial properties. Pressure cooking method requires little water and attention. You just put everything you want to make in the equipment, then make sure to close it in a way that doesn’t allow air to come in. You can use it to make soups from scratch, and cook big portions of stews and meals that include different ingredients.