Prohibited foods for children less than a year

One of the most important concerns of parents is how to feed their child properly.Always remember that some foods are very harmful to the child.
List of foods that you should never give to the child is invaluable for new parents.
When your child grows up, you naturally want to take care of and protect him, the most complete food. The nutrient that you can provide to your baby is breast milk, however, 

it is also necessary to incorporate some other foods into their diet and depend on the baby's growth status, so in this article I will introduce you to some foods that are prohibited for your baby in the early years.
Prohibited foods for children less than a year
Prohibited foods for children less than a year
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Meals are prohibited for children under 1 year
Baby food is forbidden in the first year
The ideal age to start this supplemental diet is about six months of age, by this time your child will be able to stay seated and digest other foods properly.

In general, a child's diet usually includes some simple light dishes such as fruits and vegetables.You also need to think about foods that you should never give to your child because they may be harmful to their health.

Prohibited foods for a child under one year of age.

There are some foods that you should not feed your child, today, we will share this list with you to serve as a basis for your meal plans.

The harmful effects of consuming too much sugar are well known, avoid adding sugar to other bottles or drinks.

If you still want to sweeten your baby's meals, use mashed bananas or a little breast milk.

Although it may seem a natural alternative to sweetening your baby's food, it's not a good idea to replace sugar with honey.

Honey consumption in children under one year has been associated with food poisoning (a bowel disease that causes constipation and can make it difficult to breastfeed).

the salt
Just like the two previous foods, salt is used to improve the flavor of food, which is a bad idea to add to your child's diet until at least one year of age, because it can seriously threaten kidney health.

After your kidneys are not developed enough to handle large amounts of sodium, you can add them to their food in moderation after their first birthday.

Fish and seafood
While fish is a very healthy source of protein, it is not recommended for children. Some fish species have a high mercury content, which can severely affect a child's nervous system.

Low-fat dairy products
Although regular milk should never be a substitute for breast milk, it is a good idea to provide your child with some healthy sources of animal fat, including elements such as yogurt and cheese.

You should avoid giving non-fatty dairy products to your child, as they have undergone numerous fat-cutting processes, which provide the primary source of vitamins and calories.

Caffeinated beverages
Some parents are unaware of how harmful it is to give caffeinated beverages to the child, so we've added them to the list.

Coffee, soft drinks and tea can contain large amounts of caffeine and other additives that will prevent the absorption of iron and calcium, and are also directly responsible for over-stimulating the child's nervous system.

Ready nuts and snacks
Nuts should never be given to a child less than a year old as this can be a choking hazard.These products can be added to your child's diet as soon as he or she is 5 or older.

It's also not a good idea to allow them to eat things like potato chips, baked goods, and other commercial products.These substances usually contain large amounts of sugar or salt and other additives that can harm your baby's health.

It is important that you carefully control the foods you provide to your child when he is very young. When you start adding solid foods to their diet, you should be aware of the implications for their health.

If you have any doubts, consult with a specialist first.